The Division of Capitol Police Commonwealth of Virginia

Administrative Operations consists of the Planning Section and an Administrative Section. These sections consist of Crime Prevention, Accreditation, Communications, Training, Property Manager, and the Security Clearance Office.

Crime Prevention

The Division of Capitol Police realize that the key to achieving a safe and crime free work environment is through a pro-active approach by both police and state employees.

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The Communication Center of the Division is the main control center for its ongoing operations and provides access to local, state, and federal Criminal Justice Information Systems. The basic function of the Communication Center is to satisfy the immediate information needs of the department in the course of its normal daily activities and during emergencies.

Security Clearance for Identification and Building Access Cards to Selected Non-state Employees

The Division is responsible for performing background checks before the DGS Parking and Building Access Section provides identification and building access cards to selected non-state employees. The cards provide personal identification and approved access to buildings and parking decks throughout the Capitol Complex. The background check is necessary to ensure a high level of security in state office buildings.

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Rights of Requesters and the Responsibilites of the Division of Captiol Police under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act can be found by visiting Freedom of Information Act.

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