The Division of Capitol Police Commonwealth of Virginia

The Duty to Protect -- An Honor to Serve

Whether you are a prospective Capitol Police employee, government official, state employee, or visitor we hope you will find this web site useful and informative.

The Division of Capitol Police takes pride in the fact that we are the oldest police agency in the United States with its origin dated to 1618 at Jamestown, Virginia where we served as the Public Guard, a military unit of 10 men, to protect Governor George Yeardley. Our legislative authority as Capitol police officers was granted in 1890.

Today, our Division is proudly comprised of men and women who serve not only as police officers, but as ambassadors to the seat of Virginia's government.

Mission Statement

To provide progressive law enforcement and security services to Virginia's government officials, employees, citizens of the Commonwealth and its visitors.

Vision Statement

Leading the nation since 1618 in securing, protecting and serving the seat of government and its people.



  • Take pride in ourselves and DCP’s mission
  • Responsible and accountable for our actions and our work
  • Show initiative, work hard and always exceed expectations

  • Character

  • Ethical, honest and fair in all that we do
  • Trustworthy, reliable and dependable with each others and those we serve
  • Team players that support each other and demonstrate a positive attitude

  • Professionalism

  • Project a positive image
  • Knowledgeable and competent in what is required to excel
  • Personable, tactful and forthcoming with information


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