The Division of Capitol Police Commonwealth of Virginia

The Division of Capitol Police is proud to be V3 certified under the “Virginia Values Veterans” Program. In accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s initiatives to hire veterans, being a part of this program shows the Divisions commitment to recruiting and retaining military veterans. Please click on the V3 logo to view detailed information regarding the “Virginia Values Veterans” program.

Your talents and integrity will get you in ... our commitment to excellence and service will make you stay!

The decision to become a member of the Division of Capitol Police is the decision to become a part of an unparalleled history of success, service, and honor in policing. The Division offers unique and rewarding career opportunities to individuals willing to contribute their talents and strive for professional excellence. Your talent and integrity will get you the job, our commitment to excellence and service will help you make it a career.

The Division offers sworn members extensive training and the opportunity to succeed as specialists in fields including:

  • Crime Investigations
  • Crime Prevention
  • Field Training
  • Canine Explosive Detection
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Bicycle Patrol Operations
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Court Security
  • Crowd Response

**Physical Agility Testing now required for Sworn Positions. Click on link to view course requirements.**

The Division offers civilian members outstanding opportunities to contribute and succeed in the fields of:

  • Communications
  • Security Services
  • Clerical/Office Management
  • Quartermaster/Supply
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Services
  • Records Retention
  • Information Technology

Current Job Openings:

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