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Our staff comes from unexpected backgrounds in manufacturing, real estate, agriculture, education, various trade industries and so many more. We provide competitive salaries, excellent state benefits and retirement options, tuition reimbursement and a generous career development program. Sworn staff are required to establish residence 45 minutes or less from division headquarters within 12 months of employment. The division also requires newly hired sworn personnel to agree to a 5-year  tenure agreement. The Division of Capitol Police is comprised of a diverse workforce of sworn, professional and wage employees. A small but elite staff, we perform varied duties across the public safety spectrum, supporting the commonwealth with progressive public safety services to all of our stakeholders in the capitol community. We collaborate as a unit to drive toward our core values: Devotion, Character & Professionalism.

Rookie Reflections

"I ultimately chose the Division of Capitol Police because I felt it was unique from other law enforcement departments. It enables you to live out your passion of being a law enforcement officer by conducting the typical responsibilities such as traffic stops, but it provides you the opportunity to do jobs that other departments would not typically do such as interacting with and protecting our elected officials on a regular basis."

-- Officer A. Banks (joined Capitol Police in 2021)

"Although I have not been here long with the Division of Capitol Police, I have been able to interact with legislative officials and learn my role as a police officer. DCP is a unique agency because it is in the legislative branch, unlike other law enforcement agencies. The division works to ensure the safety and security of state officials and handling situations as they arise in real time."

-- Officer P. Skinner (joined Capitol Police in 2021)

Veteran Views

"One thing I've found is that while I've had a chance to work with a lot of good people, young and old, I've actually had a lot of younger officers train me in some things I didn't know. That's the kind of place this is. You can make it what you want. I wouldn't trade this job for anything. It really is special working for the oldest police department in the United States."

-- Officer K. Pugh (joined Capitol Police in 1998)

"This line of work is very rewarding. You come to work every day and the one thing you know for certain is you will face different experiences and assignments. And it's not just about fighting crime every day. You can count on getting different roles all around Capitol Square. And over time, that means you'll have a lot of different experiences to pull from."

-- Lt. R. Reavis (joined Capitol Police in 2009)