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How can I reach Virginia Capitol Police?

EMERGENCY: (804) 786-HELP (4357)
Non-Emergency: (804) 786-2568 
Fax: (804) 786-0451

Mailing Address:
Division of Capitol Police 
P.O. Box 1138 
Richmond, VA 23218

What is the procedure for obtaining a permit to hold a rally on Capitol grounds?

The Virginia Department of General Services is responsible for these permits. For more information, visit their website here.

Where can I find information about Capitol tours?

The Capitol building is open to visitors seven days a week. Visiting hours vary depending upon the time of year. For the most up-to-date information visit the State Capitol website.

Guided tours are available for walk-in visitors as well as groups with tour appointments. All groups of 10 or more are expected to make tour reservations in advance. Individuals, couples, families and small groups with fewer than 10 people may take guided or self-guided tours during daily operating hours. Visitors enter the Capitol at the Main Entrance at 10th and Bank Streets. 

The Capitol is fully accessible to visitors with special needs. Information desk: (804) 698-1788. Email:

All persons and packages are subject to screening when visiting the State Capitol.

Is the Capitol accessible to the handicapped?

The Capitol is fully accessible to visitors with special needs. Information desk: (804) 698-1788. Email:

How do I register a compliment about Virginia Capitol Police?

You can either fill out the online form or download a pdf form to commend a Capitol Police employee, or you may prefer to phone in a commendation to the Chief's Office at (804) 786-5035. You may also call the Communications Center at (804) 786-2568, and ask for the on-duty supervisor.

Forms can be mailed to:
Division of Capitol Police
Chief's Office
P.O. Box 1138
Richmond, VA 23218

Pre-printed forms can also be picked up at the following location:
Washington Building
1100 Bank Street
(2nd Floor)

How can I get information about domestic violence?

Visit the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance website or call (800) 838-8238.

 DCJS Resources 

How can I find more information about joining Capitol Police?

To find out more about employment opportunities with the Division of Capitol Police, call (804) 786-5035 or email